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    Our elegant window dressing packages consist of luxurious drapery panels, elegant valances and unique drapery hardware embellished with Swarovski crystal elements. Each package is expertly crafted to dress windows not cover them.

    Our pre-selected designs are offered in several colors and textures that work beautifully with any home decor.

    If you are looking for luxury, and desire elegant, formal draperies with a warm custom feeling, we are the company for you.

    We offer design pallets that are pre-coordinated with our unique drapery hardware, so making a confident decision about your custom drapes has never been more simple.

    Our designs are are tailored to dress all types of Windows in every room in your home, from standard windows to arched, bay and taller Windows.

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RTI (Ready To Install Draperies)

When you are buying new drapes or curtains, you have to decide if you want Custom draperies, Do it yourself draperies or RTI draperies. There are reasons to go with any of these three options, but RTI Draperies are usually the best choice.

Custom Draperies are thought of as the high-end Draperies . They tend to offer quality products with a lots of choices in the selection for a premium price. As their names should imply, Custom Draperies allow for a lots of customization and allow you to have many different types of window treatments.

DIY Draperies are usually cost the least, however you do it all on your own. When you doing it yourself, you must have the knowledge of designer and good eye for selecting the right colors, textures and be able to measure and sew accurately, this is usually a good way to go if you are doing very small projects and not recommended for all types of window treatments.

There is, however, the third option called RTI Ready-To-Instal draperies.RTI, Draperies, These types of drapes are the most demanded and they offer many designs make it possible for you to design your new elegant draperies. The RTI draperies are new to the market and most innovative, they are fully assembled and ready to simply put up on the windows.

Here at Galaxy Design we offer the highest quality in RTI draperies. We have a large selection of Drapery fabrics and hardware options for you to choose from. You will be able to order drapery designs that you will love for long time.

You will pay less of the price that custom draperies would cost you. On top of all that quality, our drapery fabrics and hardware are stored right here in our facilities, so there is no need for any 6 to 12 week waiting period for your new draperies.