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Join our team, it is very easy all you have to do is:

1. Take the personality test Consisting of Disc Profile and your Values. (Forward us your results in PDF Format to

  • Personality Test (Click here to take test)

  • 2. Fill out the application

    Galaxy Design Charter:

    • Our vision is known for its brand name for unique drapery designs.
    • Our Mission is to enhance the enjoyment of your custom home.
    • We conduct ourselves and our company from the following fundamental values that are the heart of who we are:
    • The profound privilege of making a difference in the quality of our client’s life by being innovative, going the extra mile and being a leader in the interior design industry

    We Promise:

    To operate with Integrity.

    • Being responsible.
    • To act with professionalism and honor.
    • To be in communication at all times with our clients and associates.
    • To be accountable and punctual
    • To produce accurate results on timely manner.
    • Our appearance and behavior will represent professionalism
    Our Commitments:

  • Committed to being prosperous, generous and being a leader in the interior design industry and transcend our relationship with our clients and alliance to whole new level of prosperity.

  • Our vision for serving our customers
  • Our Clients enjoying and using our products and services for very long time.

  • Our Designer being fully self-expressed and creating luxurious environments that makes a difference in the quality of life

  • Our vision for our Alliance:
    • To cause and motivate you in your purpose and pursuit your dreams.
    • Where you see the opportunity for yourself to progress, flourish and accomplish your goals.
    • To train and develop you to be high minded, confident, professional and abundant.
    • Where you experience creativity, generosity, freedom and great liberty by going the extra mile and making contribution to others by being who you are.

    Employment Application:

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    Email Address:*
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    Date of Birth:*
    Marital status:*
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    Parental status:*
    Not parent Parent # of kids
    Driver License:*
    Do you have a Social Security?*
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    What are your long term goals 3- 5 years?*
    What are some of your short term goals?*
    Are you applying for part time, or full time employment?*
    Part time Full time both
    How much money do you want to earn per hour?*
    What motivates you? Example: Money, Creativity, Team player, Etc.*
    What are some of your weakness?*
    What are some your strengths?*
    What is your passion in life, or what are your hobbies?*
    How will you rate yourself on your organization skills from 1-Poor 10-Excellent*
    Do you consider yourself to be dependable?*
    Do you consider yourself to be Loyal?*
    What ability do you have that makes you candidate for this position?*
    How would you rate your positive mental attitude around working with others? 1-poor 10-excellent*
    Have you ever gone the extra mile and performing more than you paid for?*
    No Yes Explain:
    When things become difficult do you apply faith in to the situation or do you change directions?*
    Apply faith Change directions
    What are some of your priorities in your life?*
    Do you work well under pressure?*
    Yes No
    Do you consider yourself to be creative?*
    Yes No
    What is your educational back ground?*
    What is the longest time you stayed on a job?*
    What is the shortest time that you stayed on a job?*
    Explain reason for leaving?*
    Who was your best supervisor and what do you remember about Him/her?*
    Who was your worst supervisor and what do you remember about him/her?*
    Do you work best alone or with a team?*
    Alone Team
    Have you ever been convicted of crime?*
    No Yes Explain:
    Do you consider yourself to be honest?*
    Yes No
    Have you ever taken anything from your employment without your employer’s knowledge?*
    No Yes Explain:
    Do you prefer working on one project at the time or are you a multi task personality?*
    Single project Multi task
    Do you have a vehicle?*
    No Yes Type:
    How would you rate yourself in following directions? 1-Poor 10 Excellent*
    Do you consider yourself to be a leader or a follower?*
    Leader Follower
    When you are not clear as how to go about doing a task, do you ask questions or do you try to do it on your own?*
    Ask for guidance Do it on my own
    Can you travel around the USA?*
    Yes No
    Can you travel out of country?*
    Yes No