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    Our elegant window dressing packages consist of luxurious drapery panels, elegant valances and unique drapery hardware embellished with Swarovski crystal elements. Each package is expertly crafted to dress windows not cover them.

    Our pre-selected designs are offered in several colors and textures that work beautifully with any home decor.

    If you are looking for luxury, and desire elegant, formal draperies with a warm custom feeling, we are the company for you.

    We offer design pallets that are pre-coordinated with our unique drapery hardware, so making a confident decision about your custom drapes has never been more simple.

    Our designs are are tailored to dress all types of Windows in every room in your home, from standard windows to arched, bay and taller Windows.

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Royal Vase Crown 3pc Combo - 110-1 - 50%OFF

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Package Includes

1. (1) Royal Vase Crown - Dimensions: H 6.5" W 9.5"
3. (1) Royal Vase Leaf Holdbacks - Dimensions: H 7.5" W 5"
4. (3) Mounting brackets for all pieces.
5. (6) Mounting screws

All Products are made in the USA
All Products have Passed a 7 Step Quality Inspection
All Products are Handcrafted and Hand Painted
All products include installation instruction (downloaded from web)
All products come with color screws
All products are packaged for quality delivery
Limited Lifetime Warranty. For a regular priced item, if there is discoloration or crystals that have fallen off we will replace.

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Royal Vase Crown 3pc Combo - 110-1 - 50%OFF

Royal Vase Crown 3pc Combo - 110-1 - 50%OFF

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