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    Our elegant window dressing packages consist of luxurious drapery panels, elegant valances and unique drapery hardware embellished with Swarovski crystal elements. Each package is expertly crafted to dress windows not cover them.

    Our pre-selected designs are offered in several colors and textures that work beautifully with any home decor.

    If you are looking for luxury, and desire elegant, formal draperies with a warm custom feeling, we are the company for you.

    We offer design pallets that are pre-coordinated with our unique drapery hardware, so making a confident decision about your custom drapes has never been more simple.

    Our designs are are tailored to dress all types of Windows in every room in your home, from standard windows to arched, bay and taller Windows.

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Join Our Team

Join our team, it is very easy all you have to do is:

1. Take the personality test Consisting of Disc Profile and your Values. (Forward us your results in PDF Format to Galaxy@Galaxy-Design.com)

  • Personality Test (Click here to take test)

  • 2. Fill out the application

    Galaxy Design Charter:

    • Our vision is known for its brand name for unique drapery designs.
    • Our Mission is to enhance the enjoyment of your custom home.
    • We conduct ourselves and our company from the following fundamental values that are the heart of who we are:
    • The profound privilege of making a difference in the quality of our client’s life by being innovative, going the extra mile and being a leader in the interior design industry

    We Promise:

    To operate with Integrity.

    • Being responsible.
    • To act with professionalism and honor.
    • To be in communication at all times with our clients and associates.
    • To be accountable and punctual
    • To produce accurate results on timely manner.
    • Our appearance and behavior will represent professionalism
    Our Commitments:

  • Committed to being prosperous, generous and being a leader in the interior design industry and transcend our relationship with our clients and alliance to whole new level of prosperity.

  • Our vision for serving our customers
  • Our Clients enjoying and using our products and services for very long time.

  • Our Designer being fully self-expressed and creating luxurious environments that makes a difference in the quality of life

  • Our vision for our Alliance:
    • To cause and motivate you in your purpose and pursuit your dreams.
    • Where you see the opportunity for yourself to progress, flourish and accomplish your goals.
    • To train and develop you to be high minded, confident, professional and abundant.
    • Where you experience creativity, generosity, freedom and great liberty by going the extra mile and making contribution to others by being who you are.

    Employment Application:

    I am applying for the this position:*

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    Last Name:*
    Home Phone:*
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    Email Address:*
    Emergency Tel #:*
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    Date of Birth:*
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    Driver License:*
    Do you have a Social Security?*
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    What are your long term goals 3- 5 years?*
    What are some of your short term goals?*
    Are you applying for part time, or full time employment?*
    Part time Full time both
    How much money do you want to earn per hour?*
    What motivates you? Example: Money, Creativity, Team player, Etc.*
    What are some of your weakness?*
    What are some your strengths?*
    What is your passion in life, or what are your hobbies?*
    How will you rate yourself on your organization skills from 1-Poor 10-Excellent*
    Do you consider yourself to be dependable?*
    Do you consider yourself to be Loyal?*
    What ability do you have that makes you candidate for this position?*
    How would you rate your positive mental attitude around working with others? 1-poor 10-excellent*
    Have you ever gone the extra mile and performing more than you paid for?*
    No Yes Explain:
    When things become difficult do you apply faith in to the situation or do you change directions?*
    Apply faith Change directions
    What are some of your priorities in your life?*
    Do you work well under pressure?*
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    Do you consider yourself to be creative?*
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    Explain reason for leaving?*
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